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Four Aspects to Optimise your Potential

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

By knowing and understanding the four feminine phases intimately related to the moon you will discover how exciting and positive your cycle can be in order to achieve wellbeing and increase happiness.

Just as the moon pulls on the Earth (like on the ocean's tides), it also pulls on us– after all we’re 70% water. As stated in my previous blog post, the energies of the four feminine archetypes are intimately related to the moon phases. So, let’s explore the four phases and understand the energies that characterise them to help create wellbeing and happiness in our lives.

The Maiden Energies

The Maiden Energies

The Maiden energies are dynamic and radiating. The Maiden phase is a time when each woman is free from the procreative cycle and belongs only to herself. This is when you become self-confident, sociable and able to cope with all the mundane difficulties of life. You will experience greater determination, ambition and concentration and can achieve more in your work. It is an ideal time to start new projects. Your sexuality is new and fresh and this phase becomes a time of fun and joy. In fact, your whole outlook expresses enthusiasm for the outer world and for experiencing it to the full!

But if you allow your Maiden aspect to dominate, you can become very career orientated and ambitious. Have you ever repressed other aspects to enhance your chances of getting to the top in your career and emulated not just a man but the ‘golden guy’? If you are very self-sufficient and self-contained you may also find it difficult to give yourself totally to a relationship or partnership. Are you afraid of motherhood and unwilling, or unable, to allow yourself to care for and nurture others? If so, the intuitive, cyclic world of menstruation may have little significance in your world. This leads to an inner dissatisfaction, and some sort of emptiness produced by this unbalance.

The Mother Energies

The Mother Energies

The Mother energies appear around the time of ovulation and are also radiating, but on a different frequency to those of the Maiden. The Mother phase is a time when you may lose your sense of self in preparedness for the selflessness of motherhood. Your own wants and needs become less important to you; and you become caring, radiating love and harmony. Your sexuality blossoms into an experience of deep love and sharing. You are able to take responsibility, to create productively and to sustain and nourish existing projects and ideas. You may find that you become a magnet to people and that people will turn to you for help and support.

If you repress the Mother energies you may be unaware of the deep bonds of sharing and caring with other people. If you allow the energies to dominate, your life can become passive, without ambition for your own life or without self-confidence in matters beyond your home. Have you ever been exploited in a caring role, giving constantly of yourself without regard for your own needs? Or maybe you know of someone who has held onto family life as the total reason for their existence and who is unable to adjust once their children have left the family home.

The Enchantress Energies

The Enchantress Energies

The Enchantress energies arise when an egg has been released, but not fertilised. During this phase you start to experience the inner side of your nature. You become aware of your sexuality that becomes powerful. You become aware also of your own personal magic and power and the effect it can have on men. Your energies can become fiery and when released can manifest in tremendous, unrestrained creativity. As the phase of the Sage approaches, you may experience decreasing concentration and become increasingly intolerant of the everyday world. Conversely, your ability to dream increases, your intuition strengthens and your insight and inspiration can become more vibrant and compulsive. The Enchantress is a time of dynamic energy which gradually alters as the phase progresses; but unlike the Maiden energies, which are outward orientated, the Enchantress energies are directed inward. Physical strength and stamina gradually reduce and as the phase progresses you can become more agitated and restless, with an increasing need for activity but without real direction to this need.

Ignoring your body and mind needs will increase your restlessness and can lead to anger, frustration, destructive self-analysis and guilt about the effect these symptoms may have on other people. Although there is an increasing need to sleep, the mind is often too restless and hyperactive to relax. The Enchantress phase is a time of the withdrawal of physical energies and intellectual thought and the releasing of creative energies and intuitive thought. If these two aspects are not balanced, you can experience dramatic mood swings. Repressed, the creative energies find their own release, often in erratic bursts of physical and emotional highs which can lead to demanding behaviour, insecurity and unfocused hyperactivity. Have you ever hated yourself for the effect that your behaviour has on others? Or maybe because your body seems incapable of working normally and looking ‘normal’? This process sets up a loop of destruction; the more you dislike your true nature and your body, the more you deny expression to the phase’s energies which then find outlets in behaviour which you dislike in yourself. To break the loop, you need to find your own true nature and allow yourself to act on it.

The Sage Energies

The Sage energies are experienced at menstruation as a deepening of the inner awareness of the Enchantress phase. The energies become restrained and intuitive, no longer seeking outward expression. You may interact more with your dreams, feel part of nature and intuitively recognise the patterns underlying it. The Sage phase is a time of wisdom by introspection, a time to step away from the mundane world, to sleep and dream, to express magic gently and to slow your life down. It is a time to seek answers to problems and to learn to accept the past and the uncertainty of the future. You become open to the older, more primal energies and instincts. Your sexuality blossoms as at the full moon, but rather than bringing your energies into the physical world, it heightens your spirituality.

The Sage phase also brings a need for quiet and a need to be still. Most women’s lives are so hectic that life does not stop when you are menstruating; with the expectations and demands of running a household, and working for a living, or building a career or business. It may be difficult for you to accept the menstruating side of your nature if you have not allowed time to stop and listen to it. You have to find a balance, to meet your work requirements, your family’s needs and find time to meet your own needs. One way of meeting your needs at menstruation is to allow yourself to menstruate both mentally and physically when you can. Ideally this should occur every month but even if you can’t find time every month, it is still worth making the attempt when you can. Explain to family or partner that nothing is wrong but that you need some quiet time, on your own if necessary, to slow down and rest. If you have to maintain your pace within the world during the day, it is even more important to allow yourself time to interact with your menstruation in the evenings. You’ve got an important meeting with your true inner self.

At any one time, a woman holds part of the dark as yin – calming and purifying energies – and light as yang – energetic and revitalising energies – within herself. While the Maiden and the Mother phases are yang and therefore outwards expression of energies; the Enchantress and Sage phases are more yin, and therefore inwards expression of energies. There are no fixed divisions between each phase; each is a gradual flow from one energy to another.

How to optimise your potential

The Maiden phase may be used for analysis, developing new projects and raising enthusiasm; the Mother phase is the time to maintain projects and support relationships; the Enchantress phase can be used for destruction and high creativity; and finally, the Sage phase is the optimum time for releasing the old and outdated and developing new insights and directions. Although this approach is clearly not always possible when working to rigid deadlines or under pressure circumstances, for less rigid work or longer-term projects the active use of your cycle can produce your most inspired ideas and work and give you the most satisfaction.

Glow Naturally,

Sonia x

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