• Words by Sonia

Four Aspects to Optimise your Potential

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

By knowing and understanding the four feminine phases intimately related to the moon you will discover how exciting and positive your cycle can be in order to achieve wellbeing and increase happiness.

Just as the moon pulls on the Earth (like on the ocean's tides), it also pulls on us– after all we’re 70% water. As stated in my previous blog post, the energies of the four feminine archetypes are intimately related to the moon phases. So, let’s explore the four phases and understand the energies that characterise them to help create wellbeing and happiness in our lives.

The Maiden Energies

The Maiden Energies

The Maiden energies are dynamic and radiating. The Maiden phase is a time when each woman is free from the procreative cycle and belongs only to herself. This is when you become self-confident, sociable and able to cope with all the mundane difficulties of life. You will experience greater determination, ambition and concentration and can achieve more in your work. It is an ideal time to start new projects. Your sexuality is new and fresh and this phase becomes a time of fun and joy. In fact, your whole outlook expresses enthusiasm for the outer world and for experiencing it to the full!

But if you allow your Maiden aspect to dominate, you can become very career orientated and ambitious. Have you ever repressed other aspects to enhance your chances of getting to the top in your career and emulated not just a man but the ‘golden guy’? If you are very self-sufficient and self-contained you may also find it difficult to give yourself totally to a relationship or partnership. Are you afraid of motherhood and unwilling, or unable, to allow yourself to care for and nurture others? If so, the intuitive, cyclic world of menstruation may have little significance in your world. This leads to an inner dissatisfaction, and some sort of emptiness produced by this unbalance.