• Words by Sonia

Autumnal Turmeric

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The golden colour of turmeric reminds me of the autumn foliage that is starting to drop from the trees outside. Have you been to the wineries lately? It is mind-blowing! Oooh! The landscape colours! the oranges, golden ocres and reds! Awwwwesome!

With its warm and sweet aroma, tumeric is one of my favourite spices, along with its cousin ginger, for using at this time of year. Widely used in cooking, turmeric is also known for its natural healing properties, and is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine. Turmeric is the king of natural anti-inflammatory as it contains curcumin which is believed to work in the same way as pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories – without the nasty side effects - and aids in improving your immune system. With flu season on the rise and cold temperatures drying out our skin, here are two helpful ways turmeric can be used this autumn.

Turmeric Elixir

This turmeric elixir recipe is the perfect thing to drink on a cold day when you are sick or have an upset stomach. The turmeric will help rebuild your immune system, and it tastes delicious!