• Words by Sonia

Not Without Sparkle!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Audrey Kathleen Ruston

How hard is for a woman to walk away and never look back to mainstream brands when these are the ones that tell us the coolest and most glamorous stories about lifestyle? C’mon! It’s haaard! Who does not want sparkle in their lives? ... But, what’s the ticket price for the fith-ave-hollywood-star high life destination?

Me trying to fit in a glamorous world

I was a firm believer; I thought that buying the ultimate perfumes, the ultimate high-tech skin care I’ll feel more in tune with my dreamed lifestyle. I was working in fashion industry as a model and this is what it was all about, fashion, trends, exclusive brands, travels and glamour lots of glamour. Thus, I couldn’t understand why I was suffering from skin problems; I was doing everything right as Dior God dictated! Why then?!?!? If I was a good Elisabeth Arden fellow, I only bought top high La Prairie foundation, only YSL lippies and CHANEL mascaras...I was sure I was following the right pathway... but was I?

Mum suggested showing me how to do my own beauty products like nanna did and my great granny and so on... but that wasn’t glamorous, that was “homey”. And this went on until I had to humble myself and learn what all this things were about. Anyway that was my experience, so I hope I save you some time with this blog post and help you make better choices when shopping, cos it’s all about knowing, isn’t it?