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The 7 nutritional levels

We need to restore the art of cooking as a way to get health, energy, balance and inner peace. Human beings are complex and the reasons why we eat go far beyond from the natural instinct of survival. Let's have a look on all the aspects we take in consideration to feed us.

  1. Primary: the original instinct of hunger, a physical sensation.

  2. Sensorial: where senses play a role, mainly sight (aspect) taste, and smell.

  3. Emotional: there's serotonin released at the brain's reward centre, thus we consider eating as a prize. We feel satisfaction.

  4. Intellectual: we also eat because of rational thoughts such as the calories we need, fats, vitamins, fibre...

  5. Social: Food is being and always will be an excuse to socialise, to gather around a table and share.

  6. Ideological: we follow beliefs and disciplines no matter if they are religious, philosophical, diets, or guru masters trend topics.

  7. Conscious or Energetic: nowadays people is getting more interested in the source of their food, how's being grown? is it organic? is it fairtrade? Local produced? After many different studies we have understood that many things affect food, food is alive and also permeates the energy which is surrounding it . When we eat that food we are absorbing on our flow that specific energy, reason why it is very important to know the source and the process employed.

In conclusion, eating is not anymore a primary instinct for us, it goes far beyond. Nowadays food is becoming an art: the art of cooking it, the art of tasting it, the art of photographing it... We are very complex beings and therefore our relation with food needs to be revised as it affects numerous areas of our lives. Awareness about what we eat is mandatory, choosing a mindful approach will improve our lives.

Wishing you hundreds of happy Christmas meals!

Sonia x

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