• Words by Sonia

Paella: Valencia's Iconic Dish

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Every year in March, Valencians (people from Valencia, Spain) will prepare thousands of paellas in the streets, coinciding with las Fallas, a traditional festival with its origins in the pagan tradition of the sacred fire at Spring Equinox. Paella means a lot to me, it is not just a rice dish it is the reflection of my childhood memories, of my father's savoir faire- great connoisseur of this iconic dish- the sun warming my cheeks, the Mediterranean breeze refreshing, family and friends laughs and endless afternoons around the fire, the table, the food. When you grow up in Valencia there are feelings linked to the dish, strong bonds that have been created by life experiences over the years. Every Valencian has a story linked to the dish that is unique to its experiences. What it is certain is that Paella is a reflection of our culture, our traditions carried out by centuries and our creativity's expression.