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What does the pace of your life look like?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Do you feel like you're always on a rush and life is running away from you? Or Do you feel stagnated? Has the pace of your life kind of stopped and it's like nothing is happening at all? If you are living right now under any of these situations you are very likely not being enjoying life.

Have you heard about the slow living? Do you know exactly what is this about? Which benefits you think you might bring into your life from incorporating its philosophy?

Although the slow living is becoming a trend over the last decade; it's a movement that has been there for longer starting in the 80' and it's pretty similar to an actual trend: mindfulness.

The Slow Movement is a term describing a wide range of efforts taking place around the world that seek to connect us more meaningfully with others, with place, and with ourselves. It emerged as an effort to counteract the fast–paced, commodity focused, unbalanced, and impersonal nature of much of modern human culture. The main tenant of the Slow Movement is that by taking the appropriate amount of time to experience the various activities of our lives, we are able to get in touch with what is deeply satisfying and fulfilling. The origins of the Slow Movement are with Slow Food which began in 1986 in Italy as a reaction to "fast food." Carlo Petrini founded the Slow Food movement to promote the use of fresh local foods, grown with sustainable farming techniques, prepared with love, and consumed in a leisurely manner in the company of good friends and family. He and others soon realised that food was just one aspect of life that benefited from this type of attention and nurturing. "Slow" eventually became shorthand for a philosophy and way of life that is now applied to many activities and aspects of life, or generally as Slow Living. It is important to note that the Slow Movement is not about doing things slowly. It is about finding the right speed with which to do something in a way that values quality over quantity, long term benefits over short term gains, and well–being of the many over the few.

The Spanish alchemic method of production complies perfectly with this philosophy as it is a slow made process. This making method requires to be done over time, resulting in ‘slow-made’ products that are unique and carefully crafted. It’s all about giving people an experience. It's about to travel by soaking up the essences that truly captivate you, bringing back memories or creating new ones. An slow made product requires time, it is an expression of passion and love, it is respectful and follows the natural rhythms, therefore, it is connected to the stars and the universe's pulse.

The term slow is also used as an acronym to express the philosophy of a modern life more mindful and connected with others, with place and with ourselves:

S for Sustainable – not having an impact on our planet; L for Local – referring to supporting local and small producers; O for Organic – as a not mass-produced product, made in small batches and toxins free and W for Whole – make with natural raw ingredients not processed.

Thus, whether your life is running away from you or seems to be stagnated switching to a slow living lifestyle will change your perception, helping you connecting more meaningfully and getting back your lost balance. Find the right time for you when doing things, sharing with others or simply enjoying a walk in nature.

Always be at the present moment and fill it with your mindful presence.

Wishing you a magical week!

Sonia x

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