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Unfolding your potential

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

To unfold your potential you'll need to travel to your inner secret chamber.

Surprisingly, when we ask someone to describe their toothbrush they easily reproduce an image on their mind and do the description. Or asking about how's the taste of a lemon,same way, we're able to remember the flavour and describe it, we could even start to salivate remembering the sour flavour in our mouth.

But talking about how we lived something, how we experienced or felt something; sometimes and for some of us might be tricky due to many blockages our mind has built to "protect" us from the harm or simply because there's a lack of practice.

So let's make a very simple exercise, play the video above and breath deeply. Let's start getting focused on our inner, our real will, the deepest purpose our being has to express outwardly.

Everything is energy, even us. Everything around us has a vibration, a flow and a rhythm that might interact differently for each of us. We are all different and unique.

This is the reason why we need to learn about ourselves. To help you step into this journey, there are some keys to follow when observing, in order to get the information we're looking for.

Our universe contain two main energies; opposite and complementary: YIN & YANG

YIN is an energy of expansion, opening, fast motion and with a centrifuge movement (from inside to outside).

YANG is an energy of contraction, closing, condensation, slow motion and with a centripetal movement ( from outside to inside).

When we are trained to recognise these two energies in everything, such as food, emotions, states of mind, and even our bodies, it is considerably easier to get the balance we're looking for. Thus let's start observing the following aspect of our lives:

The stage of our life: Depending on our age we are going through one of these two energies period. Therefore our needs are going to be very different, to get our balance we will choose the appropriate food.

Our Body constitution: Genetically our body is controlled mainly by one of these energies, knowing which one we could increase our potential instead of being punishing ourselves doing things that doesn't suit us.

Our body's climate: yep, we've got an inner climate which interact with the external one we all know. If we think about it, and ask ourselves which temperature we've got now? which would be the season represented in our body? or are we feeling ok with it or uncomfortable? We could become more accurate and know better which are our most suitable choices.

Extreme energetic conditions: by observing the quality of the sleep, the emotions, mood, hair or activity we will able to guess which energy is getting out of control and therefore how to re-balance our body.

With these charts you will find some help discovering yourself!

Now you have many tools to start practising with. It is by experiencing that we all learn and record things more naturally. I encourage you all to start practising with it, grab a pen and a paper and take notes about the changes you experience. If you're not sure about something please ask me. Be aware you will soon start feeling the alchemy flowing in your veins!

In the upcoming posts I'll start talking about more specific tools related to winter season, and a new series of DIY beauty recipes will come soon.

Wishing you a magical week,

Sonia x

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