• Words by Sonia

Unfolding your potential

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

To unfold your potential you'll need to travel to your inner secret chamber.

Surprisingly, when we ask someone to describe their toothbrush they easily reproduce an image on their mind and do the description. Or asking about how's the taste of a lemon,same way, we're able to remember the flavour and describe it, we could even start to salivate remembering the sour flavour in our mouth.

But talking about how we lived something, how we experienced or felt something; sometimes and for some of us might be tricky due to many blockages our mind has built to "protect" us from the harm or simply because there's a lack of practice.

So let's make a very simple exercise, play the video above and breath deeply. Let's start getting focused on our inner, our real will, the deepest purpose our being has to express outwardly.

Everything is energy, even us. Everything around us has a vibration, a flow and a rhythm that might interact differently for each of us. We are all different and unique.