• Words by Sonia

What makes you an alchemist?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Nowadays there's a lot of marketing behind the word alchemy and its uses. Although it may sound as an old fashion discipline, alchemy is still practiced by few.

If I would ask you to define what's exactly an alchemist, would you know the correct answer? Possibly not as the true alchemy has been manipulated for centuries, misinterpreted, misunderstood and got lost as time went by.

I'm strongly committed to bring back this magical wisdom; not only with my products but also sharing with you these small things in life that produce that big different. I'm not going to start talking about complicated symbology, nor sophisticated formulas you would need time to understand. What I'm going to share with you are those things you might incorporate on your daily routine producing a big change for a perfectly harmonised and balanced life. In order to achieve this goal, unveiling the past turns to be an essential part for a better understanding of the process. Hence let me take you into this journey, a pathway full of stories with a hint of history loaded of magical fragrant recipes. Shall we?

Ancient alchemic cosmetics (potions and lotions) were always made using knowledge of the following five areas of science: botany, phytotherapy, astrology, cosmetics and medicine.

Knowing how to identify different varieties of herbs and plants (botany), and then how to apply them therapeutically (phytotherapy) was essential. The knowledge of astrology provided information about the right moment for the harvest, the sowing or pruning of the plants, to both maximise their effects and optimise the formulas. The movement of the planets and our Moon affect so much of what is on Earth; following the rhythms of nature is the way to achieve best results.