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Business Adventures

It’s been a while since my last post... well, that’s not accurate, it’s been 6 months, half year is fairly more than a while! In the last 6 months many things have been going on my business. Since I decided to start re-branding, to release a new collection, and to create a new website many changes have been shaping my business to a different pathway. Now you bet I’ve been busy... oh golly I have!

My friend and content coach Jo suggested me to write about what’s happening with my biz instead of going mute. I wasn’t sure if that would be of your interest, as it’s not a beauty related post. However I decided to go ahead and share with you a little bit of the “behind the scene”. Beauty is not just about natural cosmetic recipes, is also about heart and soul recipes, as alchemic beauty is the reflection of our inner.

Anyway, the point is that in this Aussie adventure I’ve got involved by motu propio (my own impulse) things may become really tricky considering I’m not a permanent resident yet, therefore not entitled to any business financial help AT ALL; I’m trying to learn fast how to swim in Aussie waters meaning that I’m new to the Australian market and its particularities - yes, European consumers market behaves differently; and I’m talking a new language to me, only for the last 3 years, and yes communication skills might scare the shit out of me in some situations. And sorry if I sound rude, but that’s one of the things you struggle with when you learn a new language, you’re never really sure if you’re using the right words or you’re going too far with them.

Despite all my fears and the obstacles I’m finding all along the way, I feel profoundly blessed. I’ve had since the beginning a very warm welcome in the country, personally and professionally; I’ve met the most wonderful, intelligent and hard worker women I could be surrounded with, again personally and professionally; and I’m having the opportunity to do what I LOVE and hopefully in time, make a living with it. Cos that is the darkest area in the start up of a business, nobody can truly tell how long it would take to get the wheels turning allowing the business to take off, and if you would make it before burning out. Every time you think, ok, it’s all set up now I just need to keep going... ZAS! Something happens that might turn everything upside down or simply clear your mind and help you visualise your future.

Yesterday I had a very interesting meeting.

One of my friends introduced me yesterday to a prominent and very successful woman in Australian beauty industry – fortunately for me she sold her biz a while ago and she was happy to help me making an analysis of my products, production, management, business strategy etc.... A very much appreciated advice in order to get more clarity towards the making and its cost effective management.

From my first day at Spanish alchemy class I got something etched in my memory: “you can’t have the right answers if you don’t make the right questions” Yesterday I was asked the right questions thus I got the right answers. I learnt so much about me and my fears, one of them shared by most of us women until we step forward. It’s very difficult for us women after centuries of being denigrated, abused and undervalued to deeply believe in ourselves, to truly value our work and let the guilty go away forever. Probably because it was the eleventh time somebody was telling me the same message it really got into my brain and spread as a virus. I still got a long way to walk to reach my goals, and so many things I need to think about it, that’s what a business is about there’s always something to sort out. But yesterday I stepped forward, big step this one, I understood in a profound way my value, the value I can bring to you, the value of the work I’m doing, the value of my products and why they are different. I got my answer.

Have you ever asked yourself why you’re good at something? Or just what are you good at? We all have at least a gift, something we naturally nail without much effort. When you are a natural, that something just flows. It is in that particular skill that your magic resides. Don’t be ashamed of your gifts and share them, this world need more feminine magic to be spread. Let’s move forward and leave the comfort zone, let show to the world what we’re made of, let’s shine like the stars we are. Let’s sprinkle out there our star dust!

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