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Updated: Oct 19, 2023

The 7 steps to swap to a healthy hair

Hair is dead but it has a life on its own. Hair attracts a mate, reduces toxin intake, protects your head from UV, detects insects and regulates temperature WOW not bad to be dead! Hence is not only a beautiful decoration on our heads to makes us look more attractive and meaningful.

Hair is a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis, or skin. Consequently hair needs to be taken care from the inside and the outside. These are the 7 first steps you might take on to glow on the mane event:

1. Style safely: avoid the nasties (click here to know them), swap to more natural hair care products. Give your hair some days off hairdryers and curling tong, let it go with natural air dry.

2. Nourish from within: you need to have a number of vitamins, fatty acids and minerals to fertilise healthy hair (read this article to know which ones and where to find them)

3. Be gentle: use lukewarm water to wash your hair and don't rub your hair with the towel, just gently pat and squeeze.

4. Let your fingers walk the way: massage your scalp with 2 tbsp of Jojoba oil with 5 drops of rosemary and tea tree to stimulate blood circulation to the hair follicles and keep bugs away.

5. Cover your mane with a hat from weather conditions, love your locks and protect them.

6. Buy natural unscented shampoo and add your tailored essential oils treatment. Juniper and tea tree work great getting rid of the dandruff.

7. Use food: your overripe fruits might become the ultimate skincare, avocado and bananas blended with coconut oil, milk or honey are wonderful masks. Apply them all along your hair massaging your scalp, wear a shower cap and have a bath while the fairies are working on your mane. You won't regret it!

Next week I'll be talking about how to nourish your hair from the inside.

Wishing you a magical day!

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