• Words by Sonia

The Wise Sense

Did you know that consciousness is conditioned by our mental states and acts like particles wrapping up ourselves?

Well, it does. Buddha said once: "Consciousness is coloured by the states of mind that visit it"

Mental states that impregnate consciousness are the key to achieve happiness, instead of the constant fight trying to change the external environment to fit it in our wishes. These states of mind are in constant motion depending on the external impulses we receive in our daily life. If you see your teenager daughter flirting with a classmate you would feel empathy, joy, and cuteness because of your memories, and yet worry, loss of control and sadness because she's your little one becoming an adult and everything that this implies. You see? Consciousness, the sixth sense, is filled ("visited") by our thoughts, emotions and expectations.

There are healthy (positive) and unhealthy (negative) states of mind that impregnate our consciousness. These different mental states can not be present at the same time, although they might be in constant change. Thus, what does make a healthy mind? How are we going to get and keep a happy mood?

Creating healthy states of mind, furthermore not getting caught by the unhealthy ones.