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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Stanford psychologists have discovered that when people walk they increase their creativity by 60% compare to when they sit. Funny, right? Especially thinking that most of creative jobs are undertaken in an office in front of a laptop! But there's still hope for them... Benefits occurred whether walking on a treadmill in a room facing a blank wall or "marching" outdoors in fresh air.

The study tells us that:

* Taking a hike as a timeout from work allows time to rethink and re-conceptualise a project, or a problem from another point of view

* Strolling helps simply because it's exercise, a very well known mood elevator. Better mood = better ideas

* Creative juices keep flowing even when a person sits back down shortly afterwards

* Walking doesn't aid the focused thinking required for single correct answers, like a math problem. Thus it is helpful for creative brain stuff.

I better start moving now and getting away from the laptop, maths are not my actual occupation....let's go for a walk?

Ignite the spark naturally!

Sonia x

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