• Words by Sonia

The Edible Lip-balm

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

I do love to make magic happens! there's many way to spread all around our magic, but we all have a favourite, a tendency, a lei motif.... mine is The Making of Potions & Lotions ...it has always been and it always will be.

Thinking about the readers that bought the ingredients for last body butter recipe, I'm sharing with you this new one for making a lip balm that shares similar ingredients. So we already know the wonders of Cocoa butter & Coconut oil, let's unveil what benefits bees products bring us 🐝💛 I do love bees, there are so essential to our planet and to maintain the balance to keep us alive. People should be saying thanks everyday to their work and take care of them. There's few things we could do to add our bit on it: use always organic and natural pesticides in our gardens such us the ones based on garlic or chilli to avoid plagues, and support the beekeepers who does care about it by buying organic bee's products. Getting all together we could make a big difference.