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The Edible Lip-balm

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

I do love to make magic happens! there's many way to spread all around our magic, but we all have a favourite, a tendency, a lei motif.... mine is The Making of Potions & Lotions has always been and it always will be.

Thinking about the readers that bought the ingredients for last body butter recipe, I'm sharing with you this new one for making a lip balm that shares similar ingredients. So we already know the wonders of Cocoa butter & Coconut oil, let's unveil what benefits bees products bring us 🐝💛 I do love bees, there are so essential to our planet and to maintain the balance to keep us alive. People should be saying thanks everyday to their work and take care of them. There's few things we could do to add our bit on it: use always organic and natural pesticides in our gardens such us the ones based on garlic or chilli to avoid plagues, and support the beekeepers who does care about it by buying organic bee's products. Getting all together we could make a big difference.

Honey It is moisturising and a marvellous exfoliant. Reducing scars is one of the best benefits of honey for face skin. It is rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actives helping to regenerate the tissues of your skin by healing scars. Massaging with honey and coconut oil hydrates and recovers the cells of the skin. Honey soothes skin, makes a protective barrier and treats many skins conditions including acne. Simply perfect for cracked lips it also transforms your skin providing a renewed glow brightening the skin. Yes! WOW! Honey is the perfect allied.

Bee's wax Benefits from bee's wax are very similar to the ones from honey. This is why the combination of both elements strengthens the formula. Beeswax contains natural emulsifiers, which help retain moisture in the skin especially helpful for dry and chapped lips. Research has also discovered that beeswax contains small amounts of natural antibacterial agents, a wonder for individuals who have excessively dry and cracked lips. These antibacterial agents can help prevent a painful inflammation that comes with an infection. It contains Vitamin A, which must be present for cells to develop normally. And it also forms a protective layer on your lips that can shield them from harmful UV rays, as well as prevent infections or possible cold sores. It also has the ability to soothe any pain caused by dryness and dehydration. Furthermore, the capacity that beeswax has to lock in that moisture also makes one’s lips supple and soft—something that can only be attained after constant and deep hydration, not just surface attention.

Lemon Essential Oil This amazing and versatile essential oil is a basic in every natural remedies cupboard. It is antiseptic, antibacterial, astringent, and depurative. It also heals chapped skin, helps regenerating skin cells and is especially indicated as an anti-spot treatment.

Now let's go to the recipe....

If you want to have juicy lips, smell & taste like cake in your lips, this is your lip balm recipe 😽

Easy Lip Balm Recipe

· 4 gr Cocoa Butter

· 4 gr Raw Coconut oil

· 4 gr Bee's Wax

· 4 gr Raw Honey

· 15 drops Lemon essential oil (cold pressed)

Melt the cocoa butter, coconut oil and bee's wax in a double boiler (bain-marie) once they're all melted, add the honey and stir. Place the bowl on a bench and allow to cool for a minute and add the lemon essential oil drops. Pour into the small jar or lipstick container and place it in the freeze for faster solidifying. Et voilá! Beautiful cake taste Balmilicious! Very easy, healing and yummy!!! Here's an edible lipstick 😉.

Awesome skincare made with food ingredients

Sonia x


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