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Write your Destiny

Most people, especially younger ones, just don't have a clue about what they want. But is that absolutely true? No one clue? I think you do have some idea, even if you don't want to say it out loud..

It is true that most people find their way by experiencing, and experience means time. It's when we reach our 30's and 40's when we realise what we truly want to spend the precious remaining days of our life doing. It is also when fears like "it's too late" comes up. But as I said in the previous post, it is NEVER too late. However, not everybody discovers their true passion at this stage. Life can be so complicated, and gets very confusing as time goes by. If you are one of those people, maybe even one of the younger ones I would recommend to put yourself in a magical situation…

Let's say you find a genie and he asks you what would you do if had no obstacles, no limitations, or anything that would stop you from reaching your dream. You could do what you really want to do.. Close your eyes and think about this. All answers are valid, even if they look like impossible, or unreal, because they can lead us and give us clues about ourselves in order to get something more realistic.

We need to get out there and start doing something, no matter what, start making changes. I talk from my personal experience now.. I was getting sick because I couldn't swallow a working life full of regrets and surrounded by an endless dream-killer talk. And not being sure about what to do I simply started doing something different. And one thing lead me to another. And here I am now.

Sometimes we fear the huge size of our goals, but we need to understand that every great journey, no matter how big it is, starts from the first step. It' is easier for us to handle little steps, instead of a whole thing. You just need to start planning your first little step, all the followings ones will come to you in the same way, step by step, drop by drop, one after the other. Only keep yourself focussed on one at the time.

And always follow your heart. That is where you will find the true answer.

Making the decision, taking responsibility of our destiny is the very first step and causes a big difference.

It is precisely then when the magic happens, and the Universe conspires to help you with your destiny. Personally I don't think we are victims of our destiny, we are actually the writers. Moreover, today we can erase and re-write whatever we would like.

Have you read Paolo Coelho's book "The Alchemist"? Is one of my favourites. I think he expresses perfectly what is this about. It talks about destiny, about looking for a dream and following our hearts to get it. He describes perfectly how the Universe always conspires to help us with our lives, once we know what we want.

And sometimes is just the fact of making a decision that makes everything around us looks completely different. It's probably only a perception or maybe it's an actual movement created firstly in our minds. Our capacity to radiate our thoughts and turn them in reality goes beyond our understanding. But the truth is, and it is been observed and scientifically demonstrated, attraction is a Universal Law and our thoughts and beliefs don't escape it.

Sonia x

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