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Love what you do

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

I've read recently that there are only two ways you can choose to live your life: one is embracing your calling and live a life bursting with joy, love and purpose; and the other is not going for it and having a meaningless and miserable one. Personally, I think life is a little bit more complex than this, but it is true that we spend a third of our life working and we should think twice how are we going to choose to spend all this time.

We need to consider life and we need to make the best choice for us.

1. Find a meaning. Life is so much better when we've got a purpose. Having something to motivate us, boost stamina and give us more energy. Motivation is essential and fundamental to feel happiness, joy and plenitude. You don't need to wait for a life crisis, or the bad news to ask yourself this simple question: What really gives meaning to my life? Or what do I want my life to be about?

2. Feel the Joy. We don't need a grandiose purpose in life to feel joy; we only need one we truly love. When we love what we do, (regardless of money) we shine. Find something that makes our eyes light up, and fills our faces with enthusiasm when we talk about it, because LOVE is what it makes us feel. And feeling love is what powers our life.

3. Ask yourself. Don't try to live your life based on what other people think because ONLY YOU are the one who deeply knows what makes you smile, cheer up and feel fulfilled. Take responsibility for this choice and don't let in others hand you your life pathway, it's too risky letting others choose for you. At the end of the day, the one thing that motivates you and fills your work life it's unique to you. It's your passion and doesn't necessary apply to others.

4. How to go ahead. Blocks, doubts and dream-killers will come up.Things like: It’s too ambitious, I can't make it, it's not a woman/man work, I am not good enough ... and so on. . I'm not going to say you will succeed (I don't predict the future) but you will have more possibilities than others by the fact that you feel a true passion for what you are doing and this makes a well-known big difference. Furthermore, by the simple fact of trying, you are honouring your life and you will get respect for yourself and from others. So few tips from experts to help you with that:

What do I need to let go in my life to move forward?

What will I miss out on if I don't move towards what gives me energy?

What is the balance between risk and security?

Sit and think about answers these 3 questions.. Then proceed.

5. Never is too late. Talking from my own experience, having the courage to follow your passion, and the wisdom to realise how important it is what I'm talking about here. It may come to you later than sooner. But that is ok. It's your life. You ALWAYS will have an opportunity to change your life and make it BETTER.

Just go for it!

Sonia x

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