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Rituals for your soul

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

In this living-in-a-rush world we have created, we don't realise how important the simple things are. Moreover, I would say we don't truly pay attention to even the basic ones. Tyler Tolman's 8 principles of health compiles perfectly the basics to nourish well your soul.

1. Air. Breathing deeply through the nose, into the stomach and out through your mouth creates a healthy way of breathing. We all know breathing is essential, breathing well, is fundamental. Make a difference being conscious of your breathing oxygenating your body and making you revitalised.

2. Water. Be water but also DRINK water. Every day on rising drinking water will hydrate your body and our digestive system. You need litre per kg of body weight per day. Add some watery food to your diet to increase water daily intake.

3.Sunshine. Get out into the sun for a minimum of 20-30 min every day, boost your vitamin D trying to avoid the hours when the sun burns more intensively. It will help metabolise calcium and maintaini cardiovascular and immune systems.

4. Exercise. Life is movement. Dance, practice yoga, walk .... simply move daily and enjoy it for at least 45 min.

5. Wholefood. Complete, not processed, not cooked, without any artificial additive. Fruits, veggies, grains, nuts.... Eat fresh as much as you can.

6. Relationships. Take care of yours, enjoy sharing life with them. Family, friends, new incomers, neighbours ...they're all part of our life. Let's improve our relationships, by doing we'll be improving our life as well.

7. Passion. We need to have passion in our life and share it with others. Let's light up our souls with passion!

8. Sleep. At the end of the day is just what we need: a good sleep. Maybe doing some meditation before, or reading a good book, a good sleep is essential to maintain a clever mind, a recharged body and a balanced soul.

I'd like to add another principle I find is very nurturing for our souls:

9. Put an animal in your life. The contribution they add to our lives is endless. They nurture our soul, help us to maintain a good balance and harmonise our homes. They will make us better, fulfilled and always accompanied. Everyday I see how happy people who own pets are, when they share moments with them.

Make the most out of it!

Sonia x

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