• Words by Sonia

Winter Essentials

Updated: May 4, 2020

Colder weather often brings sneezes and sniffles. When seasons are about to change, those effects increase considerably. Find some relief from cold symptoms and sore throat as well as warding them off this year by utilising essential oils around your home or workplace.

These are the top 7 essential oils (published in the next 2 posts - one for winter the other for spring) I would recommend to have as a first aid kit at home…


There are about 700 different (eucalyptus) gum tree varieties, and around 500 are used to get essential oil. The most popular is Eucalyptus Globulus but there's others like Eucalyptus Radiata very popular fighting against virus infections. The Eucalyptus Citriodora is commonly use as an anti-rheumatic and the Eucalyptus Dives with a mild mint aroma is used to ease pulmonary and mucus problems. An absolute must in every household’s essential oil collection, Eucalyptus is renowned for its cleansing properties. Utilising the oil in your laundry and also adding a small amount to your surface spray will keep your home feeling healthy. The crisp, clean aroma will lift your senses and have a purifying effect on the atmosphere.

Tip: Add up to 50 drops to your washing cycle, 10 drops to a steam bath for inhalation or combine 1mL with 100mL of water vinegar solution. Keep this in a spray bottle to clean down your kitchen bench.