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Winter Essentials

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Colder weather often brings sneezes and sniffles. When seasons are about to change, those effects increase considerably. Find some relief from cold symptoms and sore throat as well as warding them off this year by utilising essential oils around your home or workplace.

These are the top 7 essential oils (published in the next 2 posts—one for winter, the other for spring—I would recommend having in a first aid kit at home…


There are about 700 different (eucalyptus) gum tree varieties, and around 500 are used to get essential oil. The most popular is Eucalyptus Globulus but there are others like Eucalyptus Radiata very popular fighting against virus infections. The Eucalyptus Citriodora is commonly used as an anti-rheumatic, and the Eucalyptus Dives with a mild mint aroma is used to ease pulmonary and mucus problems. An absolute must in every household’s essential oil collection, Eucalyptus is renowned for its cleansing properties. Utilising the oil in your laundry and also adding a small amount to your surface spray will keep your home feeling healthy. The crisp, clean aroma will lift your senses and have a purifying effect on the atmosphere.

Tip: Add up to 50 drops to your washing cycle, 10 drops to a steam bath for inhalation, or combine 1mL with 100mL of water vinegar solution. Keep this in a spray bottle to clean down your kitchen bench.


Another Mediterranean herb, of which Spain is the bigger supplier. There are 300 thyme varieties, the most commonly known are Thymus Vulgaris coming along with the red thyme and the lemon thyme.

Sumerians used to burnt thyme as a aromatic substance 3500 years ago. The Ancient Egyptians used to call it Tham and it was used to embalm. Greeks already used it for cooking and healing, such as a very good ear disinfectant and to prevent any sickness from expanding. The word Thymus comes from thyein which means aroma or perfume in Ancient Greek.

Thyme is a strong natural antibiotic, and it's wonderful taken fresh in a tisane. The essential oil has many uses. It's a incredible revitaliser, tonic and good fighter against fatigue. And works beautifully with any issue derived from bacterial, and virus processes, especially the ones related to the throat.

Tip: In winter time, especially if your family is going through virus season, diffuse 5 drops of Orange, 5 drops of Thyme and 5 drops of Lemon to keep viruses away and get revitalised.


Rose Marinus, meaning sea rose was originally from the Mediterranean. In Ancient Egypt, its branches were burnt to help pharaohs to find a better life. Greeks used to offer the herb to Apollo, God of the sun, medicine, music poetry and prophecies. The Romans considered this precious herb as a symbol of loyalty, remembrance, intelligence, love and friendship.

The refreshing, herbaceous aroma of Rosemary is a fantastic scent to inspire you through cold winter days. It will enliven your spirit and keep you motivated even when the clouds are dark and gloomy. It helps keeping you focussed and increase memory processes. The chemotype (CT) Cineole oil is perfect for inhalations, as the 1,8-cineole content is comparable to Eucalyptus. In a blend or on its own, you will find it extremely helpful. Ideal for use in massage applications as it can have a warming effect, especially for the feet.

Tip: When kids face exams periods, vaporised 10 drops of rosemary with 10 drops of lemon to help them get focussed and to enhance their memory processes.


A little tree fruit original from China and a source of merriness for our hearts. The Arabs imported to the Mediterranean basin for the first time. They settled in Spain around VIII Century and extended the farming in huge zones around Valencia, Seville and Murcia. Later, Mr. Colon will extend the farming in the recently discovered America all over California and Florida. Its delicious fragrance, and its cosmetic virtues, made of this essential oil a must in beauty and health blends. Full of vitamin C and very nourishing for your skin, Orange will bring to you happiness for your heart and youth for your skin!

Integrating aromatherapy oils into your lifestyle is a great way to surround yourself with sweet scents. Plus, your body will appreciate the natural benefits they provide. Keep them close during the cooler months and enjoy the support they give you and your family.

My Natural Remedy to help with Colds and Flu

To be applied every day before going to bed all over your chest and throat.

  • 20 ml Jojoba oil or sweet almond oil

  • 4 drops Eucalyptus

  • 4 drops Tea Trea

  • 4 drops Rosemary

  • 4 drops Thyme

  • 5 drops Lemon

' In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.' Albert Camus

Take care naturally,

Sonia x

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