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The Moon Connection

We all know that moon cycles affect us in many different ways. The rise and fall of sea levels, the tides, are directly related to the moon cycles. In the same way, the plants' life cycle is also connected to the moon, furthermore I would say each one is linked to a specific number of moon cycles. Us humans beings are no different, in fact it's commonly known that a full moon brings many more births.

In terms of beauty there are also many connections related to the moon. In general terms we will use the moon cycles as following:

New Moon (I love that one): this moon is the wiser; the moon which leads to introspection and therefore is best one to start with any sort of long treatment which requires at least a full cycle. A very powerful moon which connects us with our most spiritual side. The New Moon is the moon for beginnings and makes us very special


Waxing Moon: the moon to activate stagnant things. We will start up the intensive care treatments to get better results and see earlier effects. The Waxing Moon is the princess of movements and changes.

Full Moon: expansion and fulfilment. It is the other stronger and more powerful moon. In terms of beauty, it is the moment we see results, it's when our work gives us fruits. The strength and vitality is all around our cells, as the plants pulls the sap up. The Full Moon is a blooming time.

Waning Moon: is the moon we will choose to get rid of something. For example this would be the ideal moment to remove warts, spots or any sorts of things we want to delay the regeneration of.

As I've started telling you, this is only a generic way to understand the principals moon phases. But, it is actually much more complex and interesting. If we follow the moon phases and we introduce them in our daily life we will feel much more harmony with the environment and an natural inner peace will start to come up.

In the next post I'll share and explain how to use the beauty lunar calendar. I will also give you a very interesting tip you may follow to enhance treatments related to your hair.

Have a Magic Day!

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