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Olga's Spanish Tapas Pots

In this post, I'll be sharing with you a beautiful creation my beloved sister did for her best friend birthday.

I love my sister, how couldn't I? She's the most wonderful sister I could have, actually she's the only one I've got. She has many great virtues such as kindness, generosity, honesty and much more. Today I want to share with all of you one of them: her cuisine creativity. The one I do love and enjoy so much even in the distance. She's such an artist even with the little bites.

Why to bring simple little tapas bites in a plate if you could create a little garden party with them? Let's go!

Olga's Spanish Tapas Pots.

To make this beautiful and funny pots you just need:

1. Some beautiful pots of your choice

2. Big pieces of hard bread, as many as pots for the basement.

3. Breadcrumbs for the ground.

4. Rocket , Peas shoots, Alfalfa sprouts or any green leaves or sprouts you like to make the grass

5. Bamboo skewers

6. Any sort of food you'd like for the flowers making.

7. And Creativity, let's fly our imagination!

You place a big portion of hard bread at the bottom of the pot trying to cover the whole base. It is preferably you choose a big bread (not flat) for this matter as it will need to hold the weight of your final creations.

Cover all the bread with the breadcrumbs until you get a firm ground and the bread stays still and doesn't balance. You should be covering more than half pot. Make your beautiful flowers with lots of creativity.

Here I show you some ideas, the cherry tomatoes pot with lamb's lettuce and basil leaves, Spanish Fuet slices (which is a sort of salami sausage) with the same green leaves, and three cheeses flowers made with Brie, Swiss and Edam. To make the shape for the cheese slices, you will need a cookie cutter.

Once it's set up, put them in a bamboo skewer and stick them into the bread firmly. When you get a beautiful pot then you fill it with the green leaves as it was the grass.

And TA DA!!! With this original Tapas Pots you'll be the perfect and trendy hostess!

Thanks Olga for sharing your creativity!

wish you have a magical day and create!

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