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A Naturally Scented Home

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

I love the scent of spiced mulled cider in a cold winter, the blue Australian cypresses after the rain, and the summer breeze perfumed with rosemary & thyme in Provence hills (France).

Perfumes, perfumes, perfumes....

This winter I show a very easy and smart way to perfume your home avoiding poisoning household air fresheners which cause lots of allergies and other nasties.

This morning I went on the bloggosphere and found, thanks to my friend Luis, this beautiful way to perfume your home using ingredients you will easily find at home.

You just need to choose your favourite combination of fruits, herbs and spices. Put all together covered by water in a bowl and heat it [not getting the boiling point]. I recommend to use for this purpose the following heaters: a slow cooker, essence burner, teapot warmer or a mug heater. In case you're in a rush, you just need to preheat in a saucepan before pouring in the heater of your choice.

Here's some inspiration:

Orange is so versatile, sweet and warm. Add some slices combined with star aniseed, allspice, cloves and cinnamoon ( oops! sorry cinnamon). Or simply pour some cardamom pods (open) with the orange slices, mmmm just delicious! Perfect for a warm winter afternoon.

At work, or when studying, we require to get more concentrated and focussed. The perfect blend for this matter would be rosemary leaves with lemon. Rosemary helps us with the memory processes while lemon keeps us awaken!

It's easy to catch a cold, flu, or any sort of virus at winter. Thus, the perfect combination to make us feel better is thyme & lime. You can also add some mint leaves or few drops of natural mint essence (the one for cooking purposes). Breathing this perfumed home air will make you feel revitalised.

Wish you enjoy this tip and have a delightfully fragrant autumn-winter!

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