• Words by Sonia

A guide to make a good choice on cosmetics

Updated: May 4, 2020

Öko Test is a German magazine that runs tests products, with emphasis on their effects on consumer's health. They analyse everything, not only cosmetics. Their test methods range from ingredient analysis, to laboratory tests (to detect undeclared harmful chemicals), experts consulting, or action testing etc. The products which get good grades proudly carry the Öko Test label on the packaging.

When I share my Öko Test list to friends and they go to check their cosmetics at home, is always like "Whaaaat ? I thought Vichy was all right, they sell it in pharmacies!"

I've learnt a lot from this list. For example I always knew that mineral oil and other petroleum derivatives weren't good for the skin, but now I know that the brands we thought were high quality got classified quite harmful for some ingredients in their products.

Multinational brands usually get the worst scores. L'Oreal, Vichy, Garnier, Maybelline, Pantene, use to reach the bottom of most of the tests, with very bad grades. Those sold in the pharmacies, like Vichy, don't fare any better. Just sporadically, a product from them, makes it into the "adequate" section.

The top of the list isn't reserved for higher end certified natural cosmetics like Dr Hauschka and Weleda. Discounter natural brands like Alverde and Alterra regularly receive ratings "g