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The secret for a beautiful skin

Updated: May 4, 2020

We are all unique beings, therefore our biggest organ, the skin, is not an exception. As we well know, the skin is connected thought the capillaries to the bloodstream thus to the rest of the organs. This means that every product applied to the skin has an effect on your body.

Your skin is unique

You and your skin cannot be rigidly pigeon-holed. You need the right care concepts for different days and places, different seasons and different stages of life.

So I like much more the idea of treating skin conditions, which appear and disappear, rather than fixed skin types.

On the other hand, as the skin is connected to the rest of the body, why not to look for an holistic skin care rather than remain limited just to the face? In one way or another we need to change our minds about how to properly care our skin. And then here it is the secret: the rhythm.

Rhythm is not an end in itself; it is also a way of contacting your own body. Like all other organisms, your body also recognises and experiences different rhythms. If we take your skin alone as an example: your skin renews itself every 28 days., like the moon...what a coincidence! isn't it? And it behaves differently during the day and at night, when it regenerates itself.

Like day and night, light and shadow, solstices, seasons, sea tides, flowers, trees and so in this planet, furthermore in the universe, has a rhythm.

This why it is important to tailor your skin care products to these rhythms: the regular use of the right products supports your skin’s regeneration rhythm, activating and stabilising it.

Rich, moisturising products pamper your skin during the day while at night it would be recommended using non-oily products to enable your skin’s metabolic functions to work undisturbed.

Let us go beyond, treating acne conditions with strong astringents may cause the opposite reaction as the skin is suffering, it is not fed and then it starts to defend itself from this aggression producing more fat.

On the other hand, using the richest nourishing products during the night make our facial skin get lazy and therefore we lose firmness.

Deeper rhythms, cycles and balances can also be communicated via your lymph system. Hence, it would be important as well to understand how to stimulate the lymph. But this might be better another post.

By using rhythms, we can activate our body’s natural forces. Be smart! ;)

Alchemic Wisdom.

Sonia x

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